Thursday, January 15, 2009

Things you forget to tell your kids about...

So it's 9am and the phone rings...I look at the phone and it says it's the kids school I answer and I hear, "Hi Mrs. Backler. It's _______ school calling. Grace is okay. There has been an incident. Grace says she was pushed and got her tongue stuck to a pole. I don't know how she fell with her tongue sticking out but she pulled it off herself and now the tip of her tongue is bleeding. We were wondering if you wanted to come down to the school to look at it." In my head I'm saying, "Seriously??? WTF? Why didn't I tell her what would happen if she did that?" and "No I don't really want to go to the school to see her...I have a bunch of stuff planned for today." So I say, "Well how bad is it?" and she says she will get Grace to talk to me on the phone. A couple of minutes later Grace is on the phone and in a teeny, tiny voice she says she wants to come home. We go pick her up. Now she is home the tip of her tongue is raw, we gave her Advil because I don't know what else to do. There isn't a lot on the internet on how to treat this kind of injury! :) I'm going to try to take a photo of it later for my photo a day. I doubt she will let me though. ;)

You will be happy to know that we have now had a talk about not sticking tongues to poles on the coldest day of the year (even if someone "triple dog dares you") and if you "just happen to fall against one with your tongue sticking out when someone pushes you", (::rolling eyes here - 'cause I don't believe that for one moment::) don't pull your tongue off yourself! Wait for help if you can (and warm water).


I have been scrapping up a storm the past couple of days. School hasn't provided me with much homework this week and I'm enjoying my last few days to myself before I start my new job. My layouts are all challenges from the Nook's IceCROPades event going on now through March. I highly recommend it because it really gets the mojo going again.

I made this first one in 31 minutes (it was a 30 minute challenge). So I didn't quite make it but 30 minutes is a huge stretch for me.

This second one was to use a quote provided. It was about winter and snowflakes. I had this photo of a tiny snowmen the kids made a couple of years ago hanging around for ages. It was perfect for the quote! I cut the snowman out from the photo and popped it up so that you could make the edges of the snowman out.

The last challenge was to use this layout by Deanna on the site as inspiration for your own layout. I took inspiration from the colours, the word "big", and the arrow. I had scrapped this photo as a digi layout in the past but really wanted to do a paper version of it. I'm happy with the result. Thanks for the inspiration Deanna!

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Denise said...

OMGosh, I hate to admit that I am giggling here because I'm sure your little Grace doesn't find it the least bit funny. Poor little thing. Anyway, just thought I'd pop in to wish you a Happy New Year (it's not too late for that is it?) ;-) and also tell you that I think the new pages you've created are awesome ... as per usual!