Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Exciting news!!

It has been announced and now I can share some great news. My two very dear friends at The Scrapping Nook, Patti and Elia, have asked me to join their design team! I'm super excited to be a part of this team. How wonderful to be on a team with your friends, working for your friends! This site has become my home. It's a place where I can go to chat with friends and get amazing inspiration. There are always wonderful challenges going on!

Patti and Elia are also planning an amazing getaway weekend next May....Destination Create!! You MUST check it out! I'm so excited that some of my friends will be coming from across Canada...it will be my first time meeting some of them!

I made these layouts lately with the Prima Just Us Collection available in the online store at the Nook.


I feel the need today to talk about something else. I believe that everyone should be allowed to share an opinion in this world. It makes for great conversations. I live my life trying to do things that I think are right. I have many strong beliefs. I support companies that in turn support humanitarian efforts and stand for excellent business ethics.

There are places that I won't shop at because they stand for things that I don't agree with (ie. Walmart). There are products that I won't use because of how the products are made or tested (ie. veal, known sweat shop use, unethical business practices). Recently a company that I was involved with chose to do business with a company that I felt lacked business ethics. I spoke my mind saying that I personally wouldn't support such a business, sighting my reasons and the fact that it was my opinion only. Some agreed with me and some disagreed. It was all okay because they too have opinions and they don't have to agree with me. I was quickly banned from where I posted my comments. I assume it was because I didn't agree with the choices that these people made. They were not posted publicly...it was a private area. I was merely stating an opinion and trying to get people to look at things differently.

I am hurt for so many reasons. I am hurt because a place that I loved and helped build up to what it was had now turned it back on me. My best friends in the world came from that place. I shared many ideas about how I thought the place could grow and be even better than it was before. I gave monthly ideas and support. I'm hurt because when I made the difficult decision to move on, I gave them more time at their request and in the end, I was merely deleted...without a word of thanks or a good bye. It makes me sad. It's like I can't go home anymore. I feel like I'm looking through a window but I'm no longer allowed in. I'm not saying I can't come in. I can...it's just that I no longer feel welcome. And that is what makes me sad.

I'm moving on...I just needed to get that off my chest. Thanks to all of my friends who support me and understand.