Friday, May 25, 2007

And so it Begins...

It was inevitable. You buy a new house and you want nice stuff to go in it. Yesterday, Paul came home early from work so we decided to go looking at appliances. We will need a new dishwasher and microwave for the new house because the ones we have now stay here with this house. Beside Sears Appliance store is a store that we have never been in before. Amish Furniture Outlet. I'm not really sure what the Outlet stands for because I didn't find the prices to be outlet prices. But man! The furniture in that store is absolutely gorgeous!!

I found the dining set I have been dreaming about. It will even seat 10 extended! But...and this is a big but...when all is said and done, it will cost almost $10000.00! Ouch! But it is oh so pretty. I think I have to keep looking. Here is a photo so that you can feel my pain. The photo doesn't even do it justice. You need to go there and just feel it. Patti said that I could be buried with it if I wanted. I'm actually thinking about it!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Happy Days

We have had quite a few happy days lately. The stress has decreased significantly around here. We sold our house in only 2 days and finalized all the details of our new house. We got 99% of our asking price and are extremely happy. I still can't believe that we bought our dream house. The house that we will hopefully grow old in (until we can't climb the stairs anymore).

We have been to the new house weekly since we bought it and have spent long periods of time inside and imagining what it is going to be like when we finally move in. The big move date is July 24th which makes me a bit nervous as I won't get home from CHA summer until the 23rd most likely! Eek!! Just thinking about it makes me a bit nervous but I'm so happy that we will be moved in with a month of summer left. The kids will get a chance to make some friends before school starts in September.
Here are some photos of the new house. The outside, two shots of our kitchen, and the great room (minus the carpet). Ignore the mess...I haven't dusted for a while! :P

Simon turned four March 31st which somehow got lost in my blog posts along the way. I can't believe that my baby is 4. What on earth have we been doing that four years has gone by so quickly? After our rough start with Simon, he has grown into quite the young boy and SO happy all the time too. We are incredibly blessed to have two wonderful children.
Just to keep with tradition, Simon made sure to have a nice fall the day before his birthday and had a nice upper lip abrasion to show for all of his photos. I think I should do a layout of my poor battered children on their birthdays. I have a ton of photos that show the evidence. I'm totally going to do that!

Grace started soccer on Monday. She was SO excited! She loves soccer. I think it is her favourite. Unlike Ballet. She is counting down the days until the end of ballet. I guess we won't be signing her up for it next year. I must admit that I was surprised that my tom-girl wanted to sign up for it in the first place. Soccer is much more her style.

Not much else... it has been nice to just relax a bit after the whirlwind house selling. I promise I will try my hardest to keep up my posts in the future! I swear mom! :)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I'm still alive....but barely kicking! :)

I know that I have been a very bad blogger...I'm so has been turned upside down for the past couple of weeks. We bought a house (rather suddenly) and have been spending every spare minute getting our house ready to sell. The sign goes on the lawn tomorrow and we have an Open House planned for Saturday. I hope it goes quick...I can't take much more of this!

I'll be back real soon...I promise! :)