Thursday, October 09, 2008

Man I'm sore!

As part of my weight loss journey, I have been trying to exercise a lot more. Really any exercise is a lot more but I digress. Some weeks are better than others. This week, so far, is a good one. Yesterday I completed one of my Pilates routines (I have a DVD) and rode the bike in the basement for 20 minutes (yes I know that only 20 minutes is pathetic). Today I logged 45 minutes on the Wii Fit doing mostly Step and Boxing to get my heart rate up. I finished with some strength exercises.

Love the Wii Fit! If you don't have one I would highly recommend it. I love the interactive competitive aspect of it. I'm always trying to beat my scores...I'm the only one playing it right now. I'm trying to get Paul into it so that I can have some friendly competition going.

I feel good that I'm doing something about my weight once and for all. I'm positive that this will be a lifestyle change for me. I'm determined that this will be the last time I have to go through this weight loss roller coaster. I'm looking forward to living a healthy and active life for the rest of my days. There. I wrote it down. Now I have to follow through. It would be nice if it didn't hurt so much to go up the stairs though! All in due time, all in due time. Now, where did I put that ice?

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Karen Merc said...

CONGRATS on making your goal of exercising each day....the Wii fit sounds like fun....keep up the GREAT work JEN...