Saturday, March 10, 2007 we go again...

I know, I's been forever, but I'm here now and I plan on staying on a "fairly" regular basis. My life seems to have been just crazy lately and many things have had to take a back seat lately including this blog.

I am back working full time at the hospital and that has been a bit of an adjustment. Trying to balance work, kids, my designing commitments, and new adventures has been difficult at times but I'm liking the direction my life is taking.

Start with the kids you say? Well...even if you don't say that I there. :) Grace is doing well...sassy as ever. I can't believe that I have an almost 6 year old! Where does all the time go? Simon has started speech therapy (after an 8 month wait on the waiting list) and we are having almost weekly sessions. Another challenge in our lives right now but much needed for Simon's sake. He will be starting JK in the fall and I want people to be able to understand him. He still drops the majority of the ends and beginnings of words and has been classified with a "moderate to severe" speech delay. Right now we are working on the "f" sound and he is making slow but steady progress.

I will add a couple of photos of the kids enjoying winter...just because! :)

I'm starting a new schedule at work next week and I'm excited about that. It will be a 4 days on and 5 off schedule. SO much easier to manage my life (or at least I hope so). Shift work can be so hard, especially when you have to work 2 weeks of nights at a time. I'm hoping that this new schedule will find me less tired on a day to day basis.

I recently finished my very first scrapbook teaching experience at the Nook! It was a fantastic first experience. I love my friends Patti and Elia. Working for them is a pure pleasure and they made the whole experience so enjoyable! I had a ton of fun throughout the day and I hope that I will be able to teach again soon! It was great meeting some new people and seeing a bunch of my friends as well. I hope it was as fun for those taking the class as I had teaching it.

I have started submitting again. Yay me! I figured it was time to get myself out there again. I just heard that I got a layout picked up for Blue Media's Layout Blueprints 2. SO excited to be at it all again!

And...I have something very wonderful in the works right now. Unfortunately I can't share the details yet but I am so extremely excited about it all! I have been working very hard on this along with a few other friends and I hope that you will all be as excited about it as I am when it is all finished! I can't wait to share more...and I'm sorry about the tease. It will all be revealed real soon! I promise.

If you stumble across this new post...thanks! I know that many have given up on me and if you come here on the off chance that maybe, just maybe I posted a new entry, I love you for not giving up on me! I will try very hard to be a better blogger I swear!


patti said...

Finalllllllllllllllly! I have been checking every day here for the past 17 years, and finally today there is an update! YEAH Jen! Love the pics of the kids and I CAN'T WAIT to hear the dets of your news! :0)

MonaS! said...

Great to see you posting again. Good luck with the speech for Simon - its great that he is getting help soooo early. The earlier the better - and you will TOTALLY notice a difference really quickly. I didn't think we would but what an AMAZING job they do!!! LOVE the photos! Great to see the shots of the kids! Can't wait to hear the details of your news. Glad to hear you are submitting again - you are one talented lady and I loved working with you. You taught me alot!

Sarah said...

Hi Jen, Love the phots...and ummmmm....I didn't know it had been so so long...LOL...well dang it girl...come really should post more is not like you have anything better to do..LOL...Thanks for sharing and I love it!!!! You Rock, you big sister you...Love you lots!!!!

Kimmie said...

so nice to see you posting again Jen!!! I'm sure Simon will be rockin JK and his sounds by the fall!! Go Simon GO!!! and congrats on the pub and the new work schedule, maybe we will get to lunch in April??!! miss you girl!

Marina said...

Oh so glad you are back to blogging, I've check in every now and then just to see if you are around.... YIPPEE!!!!

Heather said...

Great to hear about the kids and life in general. Great pictures.

Ah the new schedule at works soiunds fabulous!!