Sunday, March 11, 2007


So I can finally reveal what I have been working on for the past little bit! I'm so excited! Patti Thompson, Elia Cabral and I have come to together to bring you something that we are so excited about.

Please take a moment to visit our new site...ScrapAbility!

Here is a bit more info from my friend Patti:

When will we launch--We do not have a specific date, but will let you know when we do. What I can tell you is that we are very close, and are working on it at a feverish pace, so it should not be too long. Obviously we will keep you up to date. Who are we--I have to credit the concept of SA to Jen Backler. Elia, Jen and myself have worked hard to round out the concept and bring something truly unique to everyone. We are a separate company from The Scrapping Nook.

What are we--The classes that we will be bringing the consumer are top notch classes, taught by industry leaders, design team members and top manufacturing companies. We will launch with a small array of classes to test the waters and continue to grow from there. We have a long list of teachers who have agreed to teach for us and who understand our concept and our goal.

What is our goal-- Our goal is to reach everyone. We have a distinct Canadian feel, but have included international teachers to really round out the experience. We felt a real need in the industry to reach scrapbookers, paper crafters and photographer "wannabes" all over the world. It does not matter if you live in Fonthill, France, Ft. Myers or anywhere in between. Everyone will now have the opportunity to learn, grow and flourish as an artist regardless of where they live.

We are incredibly excited and honoured to offer this to you! We would love to have feedback on what classes you would like to see offered, and any other comments you might have. You can reach us at


MonaS! said...

Good luck with your new endeavor- it sounds very exciting. I look forward to checking it out when you are up and running. Congrats and good luck to all three of you!

Anonymous said...

Jen, This is a wonderful and exciting path you are starting on. I hope that all your dreams come true. I'm proud of you.
xo Mom

Marina said...

This is incredible, can't wait to see the launch and find out all about the exciting classes. I always felt left out being on the other side of the country, now I can learn along with everyone else.!!! What a fabulous idea!!!

Elia said...

It is great being a part of this with you and Patti.

Sue said...

Congratulations to you, Patti and Elia!! What a wonderful concept! Can't wait to hear more!