Monday, December 08, 2008

It's been stressful...

It's been a stressful week around these parts.

  • Paul still hasn't managed to find a job. We're hoping for early January now. Thank goodness for severance!

  • I still don't know the start date for my new job and I'm trying to balance my current position with the occasional shift in my new position. I also have weekly meetings to attend as well.

  • I had my last exam today for my Web Design Certificate. I'm taking a break now from that while I concentrate on the coming year.

  • I will be working full time while I attend school full time as well. ::clenching teeth with the stress of it all::

I hope it will all be worth it.

Happy notes:

  • Simon got discharged from the psychiatrist on the first visit (we thought he might have Selective Mutism last year but he came out of his shell over the summer).

  • Grace was discharged as well after only a couple of months for her Separation Anxiety. She is doing amazingly well. She goes to sleep without calling us back most nights now.

  • We saw Santa this weekend.

  • Coming up to 30lbs lost from my body forever!

  • I relaxed a bit this afternoon after my exam and did a quick digi layout. Loving the digi layouts lately.


Karen MERC said...

Great News about the must be so relieved.

So sorry to hear about the stressful things happening in your life...praying that there is more good news in your immediate future.

Heather said...

Hang in there with the jobs. It'll all work out. I had no idea you were doing web design. The digi pages are great.

Awesome news with the kids. Glad to hear that Simon and Grace are doing better.