Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Emerging from the caos...

Wow.....what a whirlwind! This holiday season was a flurry of activity for us! Unfortunately I had to work this Christmas but it wasn't so bad. I managed to get most of the night off on Christmas by making a switch with one of the SO nice girls at work. We spent Christmas with the Backler family including Carole and Roy who made the trip over from England. It was so nice to catch up with the whole family again. The 27th brought Paige and Aiden's 4th a party at Sarah's house. We were back to Sarah's house on the 28th for our Klunder Christmas. On the 29th we fit a lunch in with the Backlers and Paul's Aunt Pat and cousin Lee. Carole and Roy then spent the night with us and managed to survive two overtired, overstimulated, cranky kids all day on the 30th. So sorry again guys if you happen to be reading this.

Grace was crying for over an hour last night because of Auntie Carole and Uncle Roy leaving for the UK. She is going to miss them as are we. It's too bad our visits are so few and far between. I feel like all we do is get caught up and it's time for them to jet off home. I promised Grace that she can send weekly emails to them and that seemed to calm her down enough to fall asleep at last.

We saw the movie, Bedtime Stories yesterday. I quite enjoyed it. If you have kids, I would highly recommend going. Funny and entertaining. I wasn't expecting much with Adam Sandler but was very pleasantly surprised. In a somewhat related thought, I do admit to loving his "Red Hooded Sweatshirt" song really cracks me up.

Today has been a sit around and rest day...we need it! I feel like I need a vacation from the holidays! :)

School starts on the 8th for me so I'm getting nervous. I have managed to be replaced at work for the shifts I wouldn't be able to make due to school until I start my new day job (::insert me jumping up and down here::) on February 2nd. Looking forward to spending more evening and weekend time with my family. No night shifts for at least 8 months!

Here is a digi layout I completed today...still stuck on the digi. All supplies can be found at Scrap Orchard. I used Ashalee Wall's kit "Dreamy" and and overlay and alpha from Pineapple Plantation Designs.

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Tara said...

Sounds like you had a busy but joyous holiday season!! Happy New Year Jen and all the very best in '09!! Cheers~