Sunday, October 01, 2006

SO....I'm still alive and kicking!

Well....I'm going to give this another go. It has only been since June! Just a little vacation! ;)

Off to Memory Trends next Sunday. I'm getting excited. I loved Vegas last year and I'm looking forward to exploring it more this year with some of my fellow Gellies. I have been scrapping a lot this week in anticipation of the show. Did some new Gel-a-tins stuff. Let me know what you think!

I also made it to round 3 in the Scrappin' Trends Summer Bash contest. The deadline was Saturday and we had to upload 2 layouts and an altered cube for this round of the contest. There will be 3 winners from the 15 left. I mostly was hoping to make it to this round so that I could work with the brand new Urban Lily that I was digging! I am in love with what I did so it was all worth it whether or not I win. Winning would be cool though! ;)

I have recently found out about a couple of other cool things scrap related that I still have to keep a secret for now. I am so excited about it all and I am bursting with excitement to talk about it!!
Just one more week for one of them!

I have been hanging out in a new place (besides my regular haunting ground on the net). My friends Patti and Elia started a forum for their store in Fonthill. It's called the Scrapping Nook and I just adore their little store with all the up to date current stuff! The forum is turning into a fun place to be as well! I'm enjoying the small feel. Great job guys!!

Two weeks ago I started my new job in Emergency at my local hospital. So far I'm liking the small community feel of the hospital and the people I have met have been really nice. It's hard being the new girl but I think I will like it there. The pace is (so far) a little but slower so that is nice AND we get our breaks!! Two more orientation shifts and then I'm on my own! I'll let you know in a couple of weeks if I still like it when I'm flying solo!


Kimmie said...

Jen I'm so happy that life is bringing you such joy, I cna't wait til you can share your big news, I'm thinking of you!

patti said...

"news" in in two news' in more that one piece of news?????? Girlie I have missed you here! And I love your most recent layout! very nice! Tres manifique! Tres bien!

elia said...

Can't wait to hear your great news. I'm sure it will be fab.

Glad to hear that work is going well for you.

Love the new LO especially all the wonderful colours you used. Fab work as ever girlie.

Big hugs.

tina werner said...

1. your layout is georgous!
2. congrats on making the next round!
3. can't wait to hear your exciting news.
4. so happy the job is going well so far.
5. glad to see you posting again!

momof2boys said...

Jen - YEAH, you are back!!! I missed you. I am so glad your new job is working out!

Your layout is breath taking as always.

Now what is that have captured my me.

Heather said...

Well more news that I don't know about. Oh can't what to hear about it.

I love what you have done with the paisley stamps.

Glad work is going well and hopefully won't be as stressful for you.

Sue said...

Glad to have you back, Jen! And Congrats on getting to Round 3 in the contest! Fab news!

katie said...

Cute layouts!! If you get a chance you should upload some layouts on my site Hope to see ya there!