Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Well that was fun...

I just spent an hour working out with my Wii! I haven't used it in ages. Tonight I played Just Dance and Golds Gym Dance Class (?). Fun!

I was doing this tonight because first, I should be exercising every day and I have let that go the past few weeks and second, I just received my S2H (Switch to Health) wrist band in the mail today. If you haven't seen this you should check out the website! Basically, you put this wrist band/watch on your wrist and exercise. There are these bars that add up as you exercise. Once one hour of exercise is complete a code appears! You enter the code on the website and you receive 60 points! These points add up and you can redeem them for stuff! How cool is that? What a great motivator for exercise...and wearing it on your wrist all the time is a constant reminder to exercise!

Love it! :) I have been busy making cards since I signed up for a table at the kid's school Christmas Bazaar this year. From what I hear though, selling cards is a tough business! :) Thought it was a good cause though and I like to support my kids! :)

I will take some photos and share them soon! I'm up to about 50 unique cards now and I have made some sets as well by digitally designing them, printing and adding some slight embellishments. I will sell these in packs of 10. The originals will sell individually. I also plan on making some Christmas gift tags as well. We will see how it goes. The sale isn't until the beginning of December so I have a bit of time. :)

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