Saturday, September 20, 2008

Let's try this again...

So I thought I would give it one more try...this blogging thing. I enjoy reading all of my friends blogs and keeping up to date with their lives, so I thought, "what the hey!" maybe they want to know about my life! I even updated my blog header as well! Thanks to Jen for the size instructions and inspiration! I used Gel-a-tins Stamps for the header. These are one of my favourite sets! I mixed the ink on the stamp to make it appear like leaves changing.

My life. Lately....stress is the word that describes it. Thanks to my family and friends though we will get through it all. I feel better knowing what we are dealing with and having some tools to help us on this journey. Sure there have been days with tears and filled with worry, but there are many great days in between as well.

We had a great summer this year. Outings included a trip to Manitoulin Island/Sudbury, Rochester to visit the Strong Museum and Seabreeze Amusement park and a trip to the African Lion Safari. The kids had a great time. They spent two weeks at Reptile Camp...what was I thinking comes to mind. Now they are always asking for a pet snake or lizard! Do you know what you have to feed those things?? Grace came home one day from camp to inform me that they tried to feed a baby pig to one of the giant snakes at camp named "Popcorn"! ::insert startled eyes here:: I guess I should have asked if cute baby animals would be fed to the reptiles in front of the kids before camp started. The thought didn't even cross my mind! They absolutely loved it all though and are already asking to go again next year.
Grace started gymnastics again. This year she is in Competitive Workshop so it will be more of a challenge for her. I like the discipline provided to her at gymnastics. We tried to sign Simon up for Karate...he said he wanted to go...but after the first free class he said, "it was too much work"! This from the kid who jumps up and down the whole time (and I mean the whole time) he plays video games!
I will sign off with a few new creations I made for The Scrapping Nook.

This last one is for a new colour challenge I'm hosting over at the Scrapping Nook. I have seen these challenges on other sites in the past and loved the idea. Here is the first layout I made with colour challenge #1. Click here to go to the challenge thread at the Nook! There is always something great posted there and Patti and Elia are just the greatest!


patti said...

jen, jen, jen............can I tell you how much I like to read your blog!!!! And I am totally in love with your new header......looks like a lot of effort though LOL! (((HUGS))) to you all as you traverse through life! Things aren't easy, but as I said'll get there! And you friends are only ever a phone call away! Love the layouts! I am totally trying the colour challenge one tonight!

Jennifer Roach said...

The new header looks so awesome!!

Great layouts too :)

Holly A said...

Awesome new header, Jen. Your layouts are great, too. I'm so glad to see you blogging again. I'll be around reading it and checking on how things are going for you. {{{hugs}}}

merc said...

Hey your header...and your layouts...will have to add your blog to my "HAVE TO READ" blogs

Elia said...

Great new header!

You know that we are all here for you through it all.

Thanks for the great update. Maybe you can take a few minutes and do mine too while you're at it. LOL

Heather said...

Hey Jenn!! I love the new banner (I haven't figured out that one yet). I hear you on the blogging thing. I haven't been very good at it lately but I love reading others.

WOW does Grace have glasses or is she just trying on yours for size. They look really good on her.

Lori Mancini said...

Jen I am SOOO happy that you have come back to the blog world...I miss ya girl...Like I said would love to get together for coffee sometime...but I will keep up with you here!! Must put you on my google blog reader now!! Yahooo!!