Wednesday, August 08, 2007


SO....I guess in an effort for me to keep my blog updated, I was tagged by my friend Tara. The game is Scattegories and for the record, "j" is a hard letter!!

My Name is Jen:

1. Famous singer/band: Janis Joplin (oooo 2 points for that one!)

2. four letter word: jack

3. Street: Jones St.

4. Colour: Jaundiced (it's a medical skin's the only thing I could think of!)

5. Gifts/presents: Jewellery

6. Vehicle: Jetta

7. Things in a sovenir shop: junk

8. Boy Name: Jim

9. Girl Name: Janice :)

10. Movie Title: Jurassic Park

11. Drink: juice

12. Occupation: Janitor

13. Celebrity: John Travolta

14. Magazine: Journal of ...

15. U.S. City: Jacksonville, FL

16. Pro Sports Teams: Jacksonville Jaguars (hey! 2 points again!)

17. Fruit: juicy

18. Reason for Being Late for Work: Jam in traffic

19. Something You Throw Away: junk

20. Things You Shout: " Jinx!" (remember yelling that?)

21. Cartoon Character: Jerry (Tom & Jerry)


Tara said...

Awesome Jen! John Travolta is my guy...and Jam in traffic was creative, is that a jar of jam?? LOL!!! Thanks for playing!!

Holly A said...

Jen, you managed to get some great answers with the J. I particularly love the double point-ers! And I love John Travolta, too!

Michelle Engel said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, John Travola. :)