Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I Am....among other things...

Melissa posted a challenge to bloggers on S! the following list. So....being the obedient young lady that I am, I will oblige ;) Plus I might win a RAK!! Nothing like the promise of a prize to get me going I say!!

I AM: Everything that I wanted to be and more...and some things that I didn't want to be.
I WANT: to get in shape and kick my food addiction in the butt once and for all.
I HAVE: everything I need
I WISH: I had more will power
I HATE: mean and arrogant people
I MISS: having time to myself on a regular basis
I HEAR: children laughing and playing...five minutes ago it was children screaming and crying
I WONDER: what my life will be like a year from now
I REGRET: not allowing my creative side to come out during my schooling years
I AM NOT: happy with my nursing job right now
I DANCE: when no one is watching
I SING: only to my children because to them I have the best voice in the world
I CRY: when I see children suffering
I AM NOT ALWAYS: patient
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: my own works of art
I WRITE: because it calms me and allows me to share my thoughts and feelings
I CONFUSE: my husband
I NEED: love and companionship
I SHOULD: be cleaning my house
I START: everything with enthusiasm
I FINISH: projects with a deep feeling of satisfaction even though it sometimes takes me a while to get there

Thanks for the challenge Melissa! You helped me keep up with my other challenge to post to my blog daily as well!


Melissa said...

Great answers, Jen! Except you made me realize I have another regret...LOL Same as you - I didnt let my creativity "out" early enough!

patti said...

Very cool. Now I know you a little bit better than I did 5 mins ago!

Heather said...

Great little challenge and nice to read more about you.