Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Week of Realizations

HOF has come and gone. I didn't get a call and I'm okay with that. My friend Vicki talked me into attempting the contest and I'm glad I did. I wasn't sure I could do it. To be honest all the assignments intimidated me. I didn't really think I would finish. I finished one layout and then two. Before I knew it I had six under my belt, six that I was proud of, and I suddenly "needed" to complete my entry. I cut it close but I finished with some time to spare. I never thought I would ever win the contest but as the weeks went on I admit to dreaming of an Honourable Mention. It didn't come and every time the phone rings I still joke that it's Lisa calling to tell me I was a last minute addition to the winners. I still love my entry. I am proud of what I accomplished and I am so excited to hear who the winners are. I hope that some of my friends will be on the list this year. I will continue to do what I do and submit as I see fit. I like the freedom of that right now when life as I know it is hectic and crazy at times.
Grace had a tiny operation yesterday. She had a tongue tie that was getting worse as she got older. She was having difficulty with her "th" sounds and the surgeon said that her gums would eventually pull away from her teeth if we left it. We spent yesterday morning at the hospital where Grace underwent a general anesthetic for the very short procedure. In the end she didn't even need stitches. She was a little teary following the procedure but bounced completely back after about an hour at home. We had to force her into staying inside yesterday.
I admit that taking Grace to the hospital for the tiny surgery was a little unnerving for me. I guess it is memories of Simon's surgery coming back to haunt me. Rationally I know it is nothing and I deal with this every day in my professional life, still I just felt uneasy. I was happy to have her home.
Grace could only eat soft food yesterday so Paul took Grace and Simon off to the grocery store to get some healthy and nutritious ice three varieties!! It was very well received!
Today we went to Mountsberg Provincial Park to observe the maple syrup making. I'm still trying to warm up! It was only -3 but the wind was cold and this has been a fairly mild winter so I feel like I'm not used to any kind of cold. The kids seemed to enjoy it. I think the stomping through the mud was the best part for them though. It is a beautiful park. We walked out to the Sugar Bush and had a horse drawn wagon ride and watched some maple syrup being made. It's great how when you have kids you learn things that either you never knew before or have forgotten about.
My favourite photos of the day are of an eagle and Grace's muddy boots. I love these family outings although I'm not so fond of the meltdowns when both of them have had enough and are completely tired and probably hungry. Grace had one of those today. Nothing I could say was right and she was screaming and crying all the way back to the car. I know every parent has gone through this at one time or another but it is so difficult to ignore the behaviour and walk in public with your screaming children in tow.
I have found a new way to deal with these breakdowns Grace has though. I let her have her "fit" for lack of a better word for a few minutes and then I ask her if I can give her a hug. She always (so far) agrees to it and then we agree to start over. There is no more talking about the melt down or the events leading up to it. I can't get over how well it works and it is definitely a lesson in restraint for me since I too have to let it all go. She is definitely my spirited child!
Simon is doing well on the potty training and has fully taken to the reward system that we have set out for him. It is funny how he will say he doesn't have to go at all and Paul will say that he can have chips if he "poops" on the potty. I have never seen anyone run so fast to a toilet!! At this point, whatever works is good with me. I'm so sick of the diaper thing!
I think that is all I have to report at the moment. I have read the comments about wanting to see my floor from all 2 of you! LOL! I will try and take some pictures and post it as soon as I can!


Jillian said...

I was happy to read about how you're managing Grace's 'fit's' now! I do the same thing with Gary...and it really does work...most of the time! I'm so glad her surgery went well. I will watch for a layout featuring the muddy boots on S! :o)

Heather said...

Glad that Grace's procedure went well. I will have to try the hug thing with Micah. Some days I want to pull my hair out. I want to get to a sugar bush sometime. Glad you had a blast and waiting to see those muddy boots.

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